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John Brown is a full-service content marketing agency offering a spectrum of expertise in both print and digital. We pride ourselves on our world-class service, and manage the entire process from client brief and strategic insights to fulfillment, measurement and tracking.

& Insights

What’s the last really rewarding conversation you had with your customers? One that inspired them to act, or changed the way they felt? That made a positive difference to their lives, and to your bottom line? That made them want to share the love?

For brands, these conversations are gold dust. They’re the difference between pushing product and entering long and fruitful relationships with customers.

Content marketing – a field we’ve led worldwide since 1987 – is the art of creating these positive conversations around your brand.

Our content marketing strategies, together with customer insights, put the right content in front of the right audience using the right medium. All programmes are built on a solid understanding of your brand and customers, and how they choose to engage. We have one of the most successful and unique customer insight tools and capabilities in the country, and a track record in measuring and proving ROI for our clients.


Merging traditional marketing with new trends in digital marketing is one of the things we do best.

Successful digital campaigns are increasingly reliant on quality content, as earned and owned media play an ever-growing role. Content-led strategies bring depth in this space, driving audience engagement and reach.

For us, the user experience is key, so content is specifically crafted to suit the platform resulting in concentrated customer dialogue and commercial success.
We offer one of the most flexible end-to-end services in the world, able to strategise, design, build, host and maintain all forms of content-marketing websites and brand portals, newsletter communication and apps.


Whoever said print is dead is living in the past – and hasn’t seen work by John Brown Media. Print is your real-world brand ambassador – in fact, customer magazines increase brand loyalty by 32%, foster real-time engagement and drive feet in stores.

Working across B2C, B2B and staff communications, food, health, lifestyle and finance are just a few of the topics covered by our team of professionals. Delivering stunning results across all media, our fully integrated in-house print management department delivers expertise, efficiency, speed of response and cost savings second to none, and is renowned for our market-leading quality control processes.


People don’t just read, watch or listen to brands in the digital space. They Like it, Share it, Follow it and Pin it. In fact, 88% of South African shoppers say social media influences their purchase decisions as customers.

Social media gives brands the opportunity to open a conversation with their customers, a conversation that must be kept alive. Building an army of brand advocates on social media is only possible when brands have something meaningful to say and when the message is tailored appropriately to the medium.  Social media is a powerful tool – we made friends a long time ago.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what a video can do for your brand. As online video continues its inimitable rise, with 55% year-on-year growth expected in Africa till 2019, businesses are compelled to include it in their marketing strategies.

From high-profile brand commercials, to short, sharp social assets, our team has the ability to create video content tailored to your audience and business needs.


When last did you have an inspiring conversation with your staff? One that motivated and engaged them? Are they passionate about what they do? Are you communicating on multiple platforms so that they can access your messages on the platform of their choice? Do they understand the vision, mission and business objectives of your company? Have you created followers? A loyal team of people who live, eat and sleep the ethics of your business in order that you meet annual objectives? John Brown Media SA is the company to speak to about creating meaningful, authentic and valuable two-way conversations with your staff, to ensure that they become the very best they can be while working within your organisation. And, in turn, deliver on your business requirements. People-focussed companies always win. Show them you understand them, and care about them, and they will deliver tenfold.


Are you limited in your capacity to maximise commercial potential? Is strategic planning a limit, or maximising ROI? That’s where the John Brown Media SA sales team comes in. If you have any limitations in generating potential revenue, partner with us and utilise our network to engage. Our expertise is available in any capacity, from media portfolio strategies to multimedia advertising sales, brand partnerships, sales monitoring, product placement and digital and social media monitoring.

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