B-BBEE Credentials

John Brown South Africa is proud to be a B-BBEE level one contributor and an Empowered Supplier under the Revised Codes of Good Practice 2013. As a group we are totally committed to transformation in South Africa, and embrace it fully. For us, transformation goes beyond compliance – it is embedded in our company values.

In addition to being part of the Dentsu Aegis Empowerment Trust, we also contribute to the education of our employees’ children from nursery to tertiary level. We have expanded our training portfolio with a special focus on media and digital training through Skills Development, whereby more than 15 tertiary-level students are supported through bursary allocations, coupled with on-the-job training during and after completion of their qualification.

Our track record speaks for itself in the B-BBEE space, and we will continue to pay close attention to every aspect of our empowerment scorecard. Plans are in place to maintain our status under the Media Advertising and Marketing (Mac) Sector Codes, a commitment that is supported at every level of the John Brown Media Group and the Global Dentsu Aegis Network. Download our B-BBEE verification certificate.