Fashion & Beauty

From aspiration to a sense of belonging, fashion brands’ real business is our sense of ourselves.

So how do fashion retailers become the brand we all want to buy, and buy into? How do they capture the imagination in a way that makes customers and prospects turn to them before all others, and trust them to curate their identity?

That’s part of what we do. And to do it, we need to know your customers better than they know themselves.

We’re passionate about fashion and beauty. Our extensive retail expertise, teamed with our multichannel capability and approach, excellent client service and editorial skills, make us incredible content partners in the fashion sphere.

We enjoy long-lasting relationships with a network of leading fashion, beauty and stills photographers, stylists, trend analysts, illustrators, modelling agencies and artists, ensuring that only the best editorial team and talent works on your brand. John Brown Media SA team members boast an impressive collection of years in the consumer fashion, beauty and health magazine industry.

We produce outstanding, on-trend fashion editorials and campaigns, as well as superlative beauty stories of international standard for print, digital and social media.

We are aware of fashion and beauty trends by keeping our fingers on the pulse, and use these insights, combined with our custom publishing expertise to interpret our clients’ objectives and deliver results that make an impact.




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Fashion & Beauty