Perhaps more than anything else in our lives, food and drink are our lives.

Food is our focus when we sit together as a family. Food defines what we aspire to, our memories of travel, our sense of the exotic and our sense of comfort. It’s the atmosphere in our homes and our relationships. It’s with us when we meet as old friends, business partners or dates.

Our purchases and preferences are both personal and public. Cooking is theatre. We are what we eat.

At the same time, food is a business – and a highly competitive and fast-changing one.

The war to win customers, and to shape their shopping habits, is fierce and unrelenting. Not only that: customers are ever more sophisticated. They compare prices in real time, balance a variety of rewards schemes, shop on multiple channels, weigh advocacy, and are aware of their power as ambassadors.

When customers are under pressure to maximise value, the difference is in what you can make them feel. Your brand has a story. Your food is that story. This makes the power of storytelling – content marketing – uniquely powerful.

Whether they’re told in print magazines, on TV, as live events, as app content, on social media or in catalogues, our stories around food drive traffic online and in-store and, ultimately, increase sales.

We help a number of food retailers across the world, all of them constantly on the lookout for ways to become the narrative that customers trust with their food purchases. We create strategies, develop insight and data programmes, research trends, run tests, build apps and websites, enable e-commerce, publish books, magazines and catalogues and produce TV shows to engage customers wherever they are with the stories that will help them buy, and stay loyal.

And because we’re very successful at what we do, so are our clients. If you’d like to hear more, we’d love to talk to you.

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