Good health and wellbeing is about much more than getting an all-clear at your annual check up.

The wellness mindset has permeated all aspects of everyday life – from how we eat and exercise, to the cleaning products we use in our homes and consciously choosing a healthcare provider based on referral and patient experience.

In the past, good health was only given conscious thought during a health crisis but now it’s increasingly being recognised as a priority, which is tantamount to the success achieved when building a career, forming strong social connections and enjoying rewarding leisure time. People everywhere are reading food labels and sending their kids to cooking and yoga classes, adults are choosing employers based on a company’s commitment to wellness and a healthy workplace, and senior citizens are living more active lives.

This bigger-picture thinking demonstrates that people are focused on their health over a lifetime instead of only during times of illness. Healthcare providers are incentivising their members to make good healthcare choices, develop positive habits and interventions to ensure prolonged vibrancy and health in their latter years.

The third most popular online activity – pipped only by email and the regular search engines – is looking for answers to health questions. People used to quiz doctors but technology has shifted access to the layman who can do their own research. While doctors caution against self-diagnosis based on a Google search, there is an upside. Technology provides health support through online groups and is accessible 24/7, so there’s always someone to whom you can reach out.

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