Data & Insights

We’ve found the sweet spot between data and insight

What is data? It’s just numbers. But simply being in possession of the numbers doesn’t mean much unless you know which data sets are important. Similarly, it’s not enough to simply put digital content out there and hope you’ll attract the right audience or guarantee engagement.

At John Brown Media, a skilled team crafts Intelligent Content™ by aggregating, analysing and applying data to produce meaningful, helpful, useful information. We create new content – and enhance existing pieces – that is relevant and thus more interesting to your customers by applying an effective data-led strategy, and finding the right information to allow you to turn insight into opportunity. By collecting and organising data, we can deduce what your customers are looking for, and how and when they want to consume it.

As content creators we know how to find the sweet spot between data and insight. Armed with data gathered by our global DAN network and digital agencies like iProspect and Isobar, the creative process can begin.

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