Shine with the latest issue of Fresh Living

Happy New Year, one and all! Many of you are probably still on holiday, eating, drinking, relaxing and being merry. Good on you, and enjoy every moment because soon it’ll be back to the grind: traffic, the endless school-lunch conundrum, and horror of all horrors – pants that are slightly tighter than the last time they were worn.

Face the year

Help is at hand… In the latest issue of Fresh Living, lovely Anna Carolina Alberts tackles office and school lunchboxes with fussy eaters and tight new-year budgets in mind. The Jan/Feb issue also goes big on healthy eating with tips on how to up your daily fresh-produce quota with the most delicious recipe ideas.

Focus on fresh

One delicious way to get more veggies into your diet is by making a colourful stir-fry… Follow acting food editor Liezl Vermeulen’s expert pointers – there is a real art to achieving the perfect crunch and succulence.

Keep the balance

There are also mocktails for a dry January (or perhaps February), brilliant recipes for low-fat, protein-packed sustainable fish and, just to balance things out, a few decadent ideas for Valentine’s Day foodie gifts (and not just for lovebirds). Here’s to a happy, healthy 2018!

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