Slick new Spur Sauces website

John Brown South Africa is proud to have launched the updated Spur Sauces website. The main aim of this project was to give the Spur Sauces site a unique identity that both belonged to the Spur family but also set it apart. A simple, streamlined user experience was top of mind to fulfil the client’s ultimate goals of increasing product awareness and driving sales.

The challenge

One of the Spur’s main objectives was to appeal to two target markets on opposite ends of the spectrum – the ‘braai guy’ as well as the ‘busy mom who cooks for her family’. John Brown tackled this challenge by creating a beautiful, modern digital interface that isn’t too masculine, nor too feminine, but which embraces a distinct South African flavour. Easily updated recipe blocks on the homepage allows the client to adapt the website to reflect different themes and occassions throughout the year.

User-friendly content

Because the original Spur Sauces website was already rich with great recipe and cooking content, our goal was to construct a simple, user-friendly portal for searching and filtering, making it easy to find relevant recipes and other product content. The Spur Sauces team previously invested in video content, which was getting lost on their website, so John Brown also made a point of bringing this content front and centre. As with any good website overhaul, SEO was a priority and best practice was applied throughout the rebuilding process.

Ongoing support

John Brown also produces and manages monthly social-media content for Spur Sauces. In the next few months, our aim will be to draw more engaged visitors to the newly built site, inspiring more South Africans to bring that great Spur taste home.

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