Warming winter meals in Fresh Living’s June issue

As we head into the depths of winter, the June issue of Fresh Living brings you all manner of warming, nourishing dishes for you and your family to feast on.

Chicks rule!

Chicken is undoubtedly a favourite at everyone’s dinner table. Not entirely surprising given that it’s affordable (relative to red meat anyway), super versatile and, of course, nutritious. Given these rather compelling facts we decided to tackle the bird – from beak to bottom – so you can maximise every delicious morsel in entirely new ways.

Raising the steaks

Equally adored by red-blooded South Africans is steak – in just about any shape or form. So if you want to earn a few brownie points this Father’s Day, discover the ins and outs of  preparing and cooking all manner of steaks to perfection, what to serve on the side, plus a host of other things you probably didn’t realise you needed to know.

But wait, there’s more…

We also celebrate the juiciest winter citrus, get creative with a packet of brown onion soup (another South African staple), and bake up a veritable storm of fruity winter pies. Last but not least, green thumbs won’t want to miss our winter gardening special.

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