BMW Motorrad ROTY Trophy

Retailer of the Year is BMW Motorrad’s recognition of its dealer network. With the 2019 awards cancelled because of COVID-19, BMW Motorrad was forced to replace the black-tie gala dinner with a digital event. It was important for them that the actual awards carried a physical weight, to add gravitas and a much needed tactile feel.

Inspiration and benchmarks

Taking our lead from the R 18, we tapped into the Heritage segment’s SoulFuel. The bike’s high-quality materials and handmade character inspired us to create trophies and certificates that were high-end representations of the R 18’s most celebrated qualities.

Then, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, we considered everything from ancient African tribes to the craft that goes into creating a BMW motorcycle.


In the same way that the R 18 uses milled parts, we were drawn to the simplicity and purity of these materials and used the same process to create our awards.

Both certificates and trophies used aluminium forging blanks milled by a CNC machine to create an exclusive individualisation effect with rugged and robust charm.

The visible three-dimensional milling look underscores the brand’s high-quality character, with an emphasis on engineering and handcrafted finishes.

In homage to the tradition of motorcycle manufacturing, the attractive contrast created by the etched layers made for a handsome award with a richly layered backstory.


There’s no reason certificates have to be paper framed in glass, which is why we looked to create ones that felt less runner-up and more grand prize. The origins are unmistakeable, and just as the R 18’s type plate tells you where it’s from and what it’s made of, this certification uses the same information hierarchy to convey the relevant prizewinner information.


Choosing a mask as our trophy not only contextualises the year we were awarding – 2020, the year of the mask – but also places the awards in a distinctly African space. Masks play an important role in rituals and ceremonies, representing characteristics via fanciful or imagined figures. Using the parts from the R 18, we created three unique masks that interpreted the recognisable shapes in a fresh way.

Milled from high-strength aluminium forged blanks, each trophy was then anodised and routed by a CNC machine. In choosing the same process used to make bike parts, we put special emphasis on engineering and handcrafted finishes.


Our client loved the result and was thrilled to be able to hand over these works of art to its dealer network. The dealers have all chosen to display their trophies with pride. A supplementary congratulatory card was included in all prize packs, allowing each dealer to familiarise themselves with the story behind their trophy or certificate and then share this story with customers entering their dealership and admiring their prize.

The JB team really went beyond what was expected in the delivery of the Retailers' Awards. The impact of COVID-19 on the retail space has been incredibly tough, and this has had our retailer network fighting harder than they've ever had to. The masks perfectly symbolise this and show an appreciation of their efforts. Bringing in the motorcycle design elements was genius in itself.,

Adri Myburgh

Marketing Manager at BMW Motorrad SA