Capitec: Move!

Capitec asked us to create an innovative strategy for a content campaign. It needed to:

  1. Support their new positioning: ‘Simplify banking. Live better.’
  2. Encourage Capitec clients to use their Capitec account as their primary account and new clients to sign up.

Our solution was a content offering of simplicity and our creative platform was “One thing”: One object, one fact, one feeling, one idea. We created a network of content pieces – articles, videos, social media posts and emails. Each had one focus and was underpinned by a single message: ‘Simplify your life by moving to Capitec’.

The campaign highlight was creating a series of short life-hack videos for Instagram. These videos illustrated how a single, simple switch (in behaviour or approach) could have a life-changing effect. It was a bold and innovative move for a bank to publish life-hack videos that have nothing directly to do with banking while offering more ways to simplify life.


The campaign was incredibly successful and contributed towards  1,332,447 new accounts being opened, an average of 222,000 per month (2,5% higher than normal), and 104,500 account holders made Capitec their primary bank.

The life hack Instagram video series did exceptionally well. “How to stop your cords from tangling” received 53, 828 views, while “how to pour ketchup” received 40,306 views. Both videos achieved these results organically.


2020 Assegai Integrated Marketing Award for Most Effective Use of Content: Leader Award
2020 New Generation Award for Excellence in Content Marketing: Silver
2020 International Content Marketing Award for Best Finance: Silver
The 2020 Content Council Pearl Award for Most Effective Financial Services Campaign: Gold

New accounts were opened
Account holders made Capitec their primary bank
Total reach on Instagram
Average engagement on Instagram (vs internal benchmark of 1,22%)

John Brown South Africa created a content series that gave people tips on how to simplify their lives, allowing us to target the individual as a whole and not just as a banking client. Not only did this contribute towards the 1,3 million new clients for Capitec, it also allowed us to become even more relevant at every touchpoint in our clients’ journeys.,

Matthew Smith,

Manager: Content and PR at Capitec