We work hard to deliver commercial success for our clients. Content marketing creates authentic connections between brands and their customers with measurable results. Gone are the days of ‘spray and pray’ advertising.

Our commercial value is delivered in multiple ways, through:

  • cost efficiencies (due to our network of trusted experts and preferable rates achieved through long-standing industry relationships);
  • copy sales revenue due to our compelling content; and
  • advertising revenue (across print and digital assets) achieved by our dedicated and experienced sales team.

Beyond this, we use the expertise and insights at dentsu to target (and retarget) highly segmented audiences, which ensures relevancy of content.
We continually track and measure and adjust both content and platforms to drive specific customer behaviour.

We don’t make content for content’s sake. We partner with our clients because they mean business, and so do we.


With Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine, for example, we know that 79% of our readers buy the products they see featured or advertised in the magazine. For our advertising clients, we have seen an incremental sales growth of up to 181% of their products in Pick n Pay stores*.

*Source: Smart Shopper basket analysis, 2019


Buy products advertised in the magazine
sales growth*