Just ask the Hippo

Agencies are notorious when it comes to sharing – their snacks, their wine and definitely their data! Together with partner dentsu agencies, led by FoxP2, we replaced the ‘competing agency’ mindset with a single, bespoke One dentsu agency model. This created a platform for true collaboration in a dynamic, data-driven way for our client Hippo, which enabled a cost-effective and results-driven approach. 

A core team of top-tier dentsu specialists in data, tech, performance, creative, media planning and content worked together to make better, holistic decisions based on real, accurate data that could be scaled in a flexible, consistent and efficient manner. Bringing these together in a single-minded way ensured that we delivered the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place… more often. The result was a streamlined workflow with consistent, channel-appropriate stories coming to life on every platform. Furthermore, under the One dentsu agency model, all verticals that would typically operate in silos are now aligned to produce the best possible work … and a simpler process for a delighted client! Data feeds into creative and vice versa, with continual real-time optimisation and reactivity, which is now well and truly possible.

One dentsu model

This case study demonstrates and effectiveness and success of our inter agency collaboration under the One dentsu model.

The John Brown team has been a critical part of our brand story. In a time where innovation and creativity is key to standing out in a cluttered market, they consistently deliver fresh and innovative ideas. Their team is easy to deal with and always ready to take on whatever our hippo throws at them. It has been an adventurous journey so far and we are excited about future collaborations.,

Vera Nagtegaal

Head of Marketing and Culture at Hippo.co.za