Just Cook at Home

We launched #Justcookathomesa, our own ‘everyday food for real people’ food channel with Justine Drake, during the start of lockdown in April 2020. Since launching (videos can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), we’ve continued to create and evolve the offering. From Monday to Friday, Justine shares ways to prepare simple, healthy and affordable dishes using pantry staples and clever cooking hacks.


4.5 million people reached within the first five weeks of launching the channel on Facebook and Instagram.

75% of Facebook group members are active

People reached on Facebook in 5 weeks
Active Facebook group members

We’re not changing the world, but I do hope that we can inspire and entertain people to cook healthy, affordable food with their pantry and freezer stocks. There’ll also be loads of recipes using fresh vegetables – the farmers are still growing produce and the supermarkets are well stocked. Let’s make the most of it. When life gives you lockdown, I say #justcookathomesa!,

Justine Drake

Content Director & Fresh Living Editor