MINI: Creative Club

MINI Clubman’s global campaign was targeted at a very specific consumer, who is known to respond poorly to traditional, direct-marketing techniques and is driven by value, heritage, innovation, experience, learning, design and authenticity. Besides wanting to target this kind of consumer, who doesn’t match current MINI-driver profiles, MINI also wanted to convert competitor audiences.

The solution

We developed a localised concept that would entice this consumer down the sales funnel through a data-led, content strategy across social media, website content and email. By establishing MINI Clubman as the Creative Class authority, with authentic, bespoke content relevant to MINI’s target audience, the campaign created brand loyalty, advocacy and ultimately purchase consideration.

Based on each user’s interaction with the content, the campaign served relevant, personalised content. This created a continuous, bespoke conversation with the consumer, driving leads to book a test drive.


Through continuous campaign monitoring and A/B testing, we optimised the creative with changes to email layout, social media and display creatives, as well as budget allocation according to real-time performance.


International Content Marketing Award (UK) for Best Automotive: Bronze
New Generation Award for Excellence in Content Marketing: Silver

More leads generated
Exceeded KPI open rates on introductory emails
Exceeded KPI open rates on follow-on emails

This was an exciting, innovative campaign for MINI SA. John Brown has always produced quality work, but the success of this campaign was driven by their active management of the content. Data-driven decision-making and ongoing optimisation is what took this campaign to another level.,

Taz Phaswana

MINI Marketing Manager at BMW Group South Africa